Happiness: 10 Simple Ways to Get a Little Happier

simple happiness
Happiness is Simple

Happiness is SimpleThe ultimate goal for me is simple happiness. I’m sort of obsessed with happiness. I like to think about how to achieve it and in general how to just feel happier.

I gravitate towards happy people. Not only that, but I actually spend time wondering how people who seem chronically unhappy get that way.

I bet you’re wondering what happiness has to do with simple living. It’s the primary reason that a lot of folks choose to slow down or simplify. For me simple living is the path to finding simple happiness.

How to Find Happiness Within Yourself

People have lots of different ways to be happy. I love reading life hacks about ways to find happiness. Finding your happy place doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Below you’ll find my personal top ten ways to find simple happiness.

My favorite website (and book) about happiness is The Happiness Project with Gretchen Rubin.

1. Read

I’m a book worm – always have been, always will be. When I read I can feel my mood lift. I absolutely adore my life and the people in it, but who doesn’t love to experience somewhere else without leaving your house or someone else’s life without having to be them?

Reading doesn’t have to be just books either. Magazines, newspapers, short stories, poems, and articles on the internet are all great.

2. Be Quiet

I’m an introvert. And I live in a not-huge house with three kids, two dogs, two guinea pigs, a husband, and various friends and neighbors who pass through a lot. It’s wonderful. It’s also LOUD. Most days I need to find some quiet, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. It helps me to recharge and find my happy.

3. Get Outside

Step out your front door and breathe. Our modern society keeps us inside WAY too much in my opinion. Sit on a bench. Take a walk. Get on a bike. Just do something that makes you stay outside and enjoy.

4. Exercise

As much as I do not love exercise, I love how it makes me feel. And I am always glad I did it. My exercise of choice usually involves dancing and fast music (the Just Dance series is my current long-standing addiction).

5. Play

For me – this is playing with my kids outside. We ride bikes, ezy-rollers, hula hoop, and run. It always improves my mood.

I feel like grown-ups (for the most part) have forgotten how to play. I’m trying really hard to re-learn. And the best way to do that is to play with kids. They are inspirational and motivational…and sometimes bossy (like my daughters). Kids are the best personal trainers of play.

Our little neighbor girl came over the other day and asked if my girls could come outside to play. I told her they were busy with homework, but that when they were done they could. Her response? “Well can YOU come out to play?” Her question made my day.

These are ezy-rollers…the best toy ever (for grown-ups too!)

6. Pet Your Cat

I have an old cat who likes to sleep and play ball until her paws bleed. And we have a young cat who wheek like crazy when plastic crinkles. And whenever I’m having a “moment” seeing them and touching them makes me happy.

Look at that happy little face!

7. Listen to Dance Music

Play it loud. And dance to it. And sing as loudly as you can. I promise you’ll feel better.

   Sometimes a girl’s just gotta dance!

8. Plan Something Fun

The key to this is anticipation. Even if you don’t actually DO something – just thinking about something fun in the future will make you happier. I love planning vacations almost more than going on them.

9. Sleep Enough

I understand this is very hard to do for a lot of us. But I know that the mornings when I wake up with enough sleep under my belt are a whole heck of a lot better than the mornings I wake up wishing I’d gone to bed sooner. It sets the tone for the whole day when I’m well rested.

This is how us grown-ups should learn how to sleep.

10. Smile

Smile at anything or anyone. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation, but smiling makes me feel happy. Even when I’m not happy – if I make a conscious effort to smile I start to feel better. I guess it’s that whole fake-it-til-you-make-it thing.

Pure joy!

Wishing you and yours simple happiness!

How do you find your happy place? I’d love to hear!

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