How To Do Stuff

how to do stuff

I like figuring out how to do stuff. In fact, you could sometimes say I get carried away with trying to figure it out on my own. There is just something about teaching yourself how to do something and then doing it. I think you could call it on-the-job training for life.

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What does simple living have to do with doing things for yourself? To me it’s a part of becoming more self-sufficient. Being self-sufficient is definitely one of the key aspects of simple living. Doing things for yourself isn’t just fixing things either. If that’s what I meant – I would have called this page “How to Fix Stuff”.

The benefits of learning how to do stuff are many, but here’s what I like to think of as the Big Three:

  1. You’ll pay less for other people’s labor.
    If you can do for yourself, you’ll drop your project costs to materials only. And let me tell you that’s WAY cheaper than labor and materials. It might not sound like much, but every little bit adds up.
  2. It will make you a better consumer of other people’s services.
    Ever go to get your car repaired and feel like the mechanic took advantage of you? If you knew more about engine repair, you’d be able to “double-check” what he/she tells you is wrong with your car.
  3. The “rock star” factor.
    Ever done something for yourself that you were really proud of? Remember how it felt? I know that when I manage to do something myself that I started out either not knowing how to do in the first place or considered having done by someone else – I never regret it. I really believe there is a reason that you’ll find so many stores and so many websites dedicated to do-it-yourself. It’s addictive!

Learning how to do things doesn’t mean you have to do them. Sometimes the best part is having the choice to do it yourself or not.

There’s a whole lot of things to do out there. Since I know I’m not alone in my passion for figuring out how to do it yourself I thought I’d post articles for all the things my family and I have been up to. Ready?