Robin Laulainen

Hi! I'm Robin. I like to write about simple living and my life. I think simple living is like a yoga practice - it's something I work at every day. Thanks for stopping by!... See more about page.

how to do stuff

How To Do Stuff

I like figuring out how to do stuff. In fact, you could sometimes say I get carried away with trying to figure it out on my own. There is just something about teaching yourself how to do something and then doing it. I think you could call it on-the-job training for life. Read also: How …

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urban homesteading ideas

Urban Homesteading

What is Urban Homesteading Without knowing anything else, I pictured container vegetable gardens on balconies in the inner city. I was pretty close. Urban homesteading is a variation on homesteading, but on a smaller scale. The smaller scale is necessary due to the limits on the amount of land (or deck or other space available …

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voluntary simplicity tips

Voluntary Simplicity Tips

Simple living is also called voluntary simplicity. It’s important to notice the word ‘voluntary’. The spirit of simple living is missing when these choices are forced on you by poverty or other circumstances. Put simply – you have to want this change. Voluntary simplicity focuses on two key ideas: Reducing the consumption of material or …

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