If you’re like me, you want to know who’s behind this website.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Robin Laulainen. I live in Arizona. I have a wonderful husband, three gorgeous daughters, and two lovable cats. I spent 10 years of my adulthood working in corporate America as a software engineer.

So how did I get interested in simple living? For a while, Alan and I were on the path of money and stuff accumulation. That seemed like what you were supposed to do. After all – we went to college in order to get “good jobs” so we could buy nice things, have a nice house, and go on nice vacations.

It was all very exhausting and left me feeling a bit hollow. I went into my career in IT with a lot of excitement. I discovered that it only took 5 years to reach burn-out. I found myself wondering if this was “it”.

After the birth of our oldest daughter, I realized that something had to give. Before I had her, I was sure I was a modern professional woman. I’d happily enroll her in daycare and continue on with my career. I was so very wrong.

I floundered for a few years, trying to figure it all out. And then, I stumbled onto the concept of simple living. And I couldn’t believe how right it sounded to me.

Simple living matches my values. It’s as easy as embracing small changes in your life. Small changes reap big benefits. The trick is finding the right changes for your individual family.

Do I consider myself a Simple Lifer? Absolutely.

Do I have it all figured out now? Definitely not. But I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learned on my family’s journey towards a more simple life.