Simple Living: Making Everyday as Easy as Possible

What is simple living?

Simple living is actively seeking to reduce those things (such as stress, clutter, lack of time, stuff) that don’t make you happy or improve your life in some way. It is also actively seeking out those things that add value to your life.

Our modern world is constantly bombarding us with messages of more, more, more. We should get more done in less time. We should have more space in our homes and more things to fill them up. We should have more responsibilities – in fact, we should be able to get more than one thing done at the same time (multi-tasking!)

I’m here to say that sometimes less is more.

Simple living isn’t anti-consumerism. It isn’t radical environmentalism. It’s not the back-to-the-land movement. It’s just making different choices.

Simple Lifers are people who realize something isn’t working in their lives and then take steps to do something about it. Anyone can be a Simple Lifer.

Simple living can bring you more peace. It can reduce stress and help you relax. But most of all – it can bring you happiness!

Why would I want to simplify my life?

There are LOTS of reasons why people might find that the lifestyle they currently have isn’t working anymore. For some folks, big changes occur in their lives – a death in the family, having a baby, loss of a job. For others, there is a gradual realization that something just isn’t working.

Here are a few questions to help you to determine if you should take steps to simplify your life:

  1. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by clutter or your possessions (stuff)?
  2. Do you spend so much time at work that you feel like you know your co-workers better than your own family?
  3. Do you work your butt off during the work week only to spend the weekend recovering – and then do it all over again come the new week?
  4. Do the holidays, birthdays, or other celebrations feel like one more chore to be handled?
  5. Do you feel overwhelmed by debt or your financial situation?
  6. Do you come home so tired that the best you can do is grab some fast food and plunk the family down in front of the TV?
  7. Do you yearn for the “good old days”?
  8. Do your kids have so many activities that they require their own day planners?
  9. Do you feel like there is something better/different out there somewhere?

So now what?

Not convinced? Raring to go? Either way – do you want to learn more?

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